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Blockchain security. Smart contract Web3 & NFT analyst.


Fast Processing

Cognitos knows that crypto markets move very fast. Therefore, Cognitos is here to provide the audit results in just a matter of hours.


Artificial Intelligence Technology support and expert team

We implement a strict system in carrying out audits, assisted by AI technology that we designed and an experienced team


Get an affordable price

Cognitos has a program for any project that hasn't audited before to get the best price for their first audit and get special price for any project that has audited before Terms and Conditions apply

Official Audit Partner

Audited Project Result

The following are projects that have completed Cognitos Security Audit.
The reports are published and viewable on each project’s profile.
Hami Network - Audit
Block Number : 000014
Partnership Audit Service
Cognitos project audit has been completed for Hami Network
Fifa Floki Pow - Audit
Block Number : 000013
Bronze Audit Service
Cognitos project audit has been completed for Fifa Floki Pow
Smart Launchpad - Audit
Block Number : 000012
Partnership Audit Service
Cognitos project audit has been completed for Smart Launchpad
Cicada Chain - Audit & KYC
Block Number : 000011
Diamond Audit Service
Cognitos project audit has been completed for Cicada Chain
NKI Token - Audit & KYC
Block Number : 000010
Diamond Audit Service
Cognitos project audit has been completed for NKI Token
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Artificial Intelligence

We started off successfully developing technology to read, parse, and alert smart contracts. After many stages of testing, and improvements to our technology, now the technology is feasible and can help us to map smart contracts in various block chain projects.

The technology that we named The Eyes will be controlled by a team of experienced engineers who will provide maximum results for smart contract audits.

2 Layers
for Secure

person holding black computer keyboard

Our team of engineers are personnel who are experts and experienced in the block chain field. Some are teams from big projects in Crypto currency. They will work with The Eyes support which we developed

This collaboration provides a significant impact and extra security for potential investors for your project. This is why Cognitos is the right choice for your project audit service.

Your project journey start here

Join us on our mission to create a more investable Blockchain by empowering investors with world-class verification.


Provide reports for smart contract security and website profiling within 24 hours

• Lite Scan Mode Screening
• Audit report document
• Official annoucement on our platforms

Provide reports for security, vulnerabilities, bugs with 3 layers of security by artificial intelligence and manual reviews, website profiling, team and social media within 24 hours

• Deep Scan Mode Screening
• Audit report document
• Medium article
• Official announcement on our platforms
• Official NFT

KYC services with our customized methodology based on your country. Reports are given 2x24 hours

• Doc Certificate of KYC
• NFT Certificate of KYC
• Free Token Launch Consulting
• Medium article
• Coinmarketcap article
• Announcement on our platforms



Show something new to convince your investors

We provide new breakthroughs that can benefit project and it’s investors

⚡Official KYC NFT
Proudly display this NFT in your various media projects such as websites, whitepapers and in your community.

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Official banner that you can announce on your various social media projects.

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