KYC Submission Steps:

  • Contact our official account to make submission

  • Make a payment

  • Fill in your data in the form we have provided

Data for KYC for We Collect:

  • ID documentation (Passport, National ID)

  • Selfie with ID

  • Statement Video

  • The founder must verify his address via additional documents and in a live call

Work Duration
We implement one day service for all of our services, but it all depends on our work traffic. All Incoming data will be done based on the queue, and we will finish your submission as soon as possible according to our Standar Operating Procedure.

What do you get?

  • KYC Badge on our website

  • A unique Doc certificate with your project name and website

  • A unique NFT certificate with your project name and website

  • Official announcement on our social media platform and community

  • Badge KYC on our partner platform such as coinbazooka, new token market, etc.

  • Free Token Launch Consulting

    Ps. You cannot be used to get an audit badge on Gempad with Silver Audit Services

Stay anonymous but verified

Request KYC

KYC service is a method used by the project owner to give more trust even though you still anonymous. KYC will reduce the fear of investors to invest in your project. We highly recommend you to use this service to get high trust for your project investors