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Freelance Sales Marketing Form

We are open for Sales Marketing Freelancer.

Work everywhere and anywhere you want with no working hours and minimum target. Please complete the form and check the T&C bellow.

If you have any question please contact us on our telegram

Terms & Conditions

  1. Fill all the form

  2. Confirm your registration to Cognitos official accounts to get your special code

  3. You will be added to the private group to get new update, price list, etc.

  4. Every sales will get a different code that is used :
    - for dentifying & proving that the client is yours.
    - as a discount code for your clients.

  5. If you get a client you should create a private group and add your clients and official cognitos account to coordinate about the audit, etc.

  6. Only official cognitos accounts are allowed to make the payment and collect the proof of payment transaction.

  7. The direct payments between clients and the sales marketing are not allowed.

  8. You will get commission that will be given about 3 days after the Audit and/or KYC have been announced.

  9. You don't have any target as a freelancer, but if you can get minimum 5 clients in a month (will be counted at the date when you get your special code) You will get bonus and it will be sent to your wallet at the date on your code.

  10. The % (precentage) of the commission & bonus will be annouced on the freelance private group.

  11. You have to maintain a good name of Cognitos and forbbiden to do things that have detrimental effects to Cognitos such as scam, fraud, etc.