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HR Cognitos

9/9/20221 min read

Sales Marketing Staff - Remote

Status : Open
Job Type: Freelance and Remotely

Salary Yearly: -

About the role
We’re looking for a Sales Staff who loves to engage at a strategic level with executives, understands what makes people tick, and knows how to move people to action.


  • Establish an entire marketing strategy to expand the brand influence, attract more users (consumers and enterprises), and achieve targets in Crypto markets.

  • Collect and analyze feedback from users (consumers and enterprises), channels, and blockchain projects in Crypto markets.

  • Grow online communities, and organize online and offline events/meet-ups.

  • Communicate with product teams daily to build a deep understanding of existing and planned products.

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Full-stack Developer

Status : Soon
Job Type: Full Time

Salary Yearly: -

Community Manager - Remote

Status : Soon
Job Type: Remotely

Salary Yearly: -

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