Press Release Alchemy Finance

2/26/20231 min read

Cognitos, February 25, 2023
Subject: Scam Alert: Alchemy Finance

From several reports and results of investigations conducted by the internal cognitos team, we announce that Alchemy Finance has committed acts of fraud against its investors, Cognitos hereby issues an official statement regarding the alleged fraudulent activity (scam) with Alchemy Finance project.

  • KYC by Cognitos

  • Audit by unknown

We took immediate action upon learning of the fraud. We reported this to the authorities and fully cooperated in the ongoing investigation. We are also conducting an evaluation and improvement of our audit procedures to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future.

We are ready to provide further information to the public and media regarding this case. Please contact or email

We have taken strategic action by working with our associates at the Federal Trade Commission and others. We include the document needed below

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